• How do I get started?
    Ans. You can visit our office anytime and share your requirements and objectives. We can start from there and workout our way further.
  • Will I be offered consultation for VISA?
    Ans. Yes. We take care of all your needs, beginning from visa consultation to doorstep delivery and installation, so that you can rest worry-free.
  • What problems may I face?
    Ans. Most problems between Chinese suppliers and their clients are due to poor communication. Culturally, suppliers can be reluctant to question things they do not understand. This then leads to misunderstandings, a reluctance to continue communication and a general breakdown. We communicate on your behalf of clients.
  • What is the general price indication of different services like Hotel, travelling and local conveyance etc?
    Ans. Hotel in China are very nominal and cheap in comparison to other elite cities of the world. The local transport and conveyance can be on little bit higher side.
  • Can I order furniture customized┬áto my size requirements?
    Ans. Yes. The product size can be customized as per your requirements or you can also choose from the standard sizes available
  • How durable are the goods?
    Ans. Goods sourced by us undergo the most stringent quality checks. We take utmost care to procure only superior quality products from only the best and the most trusted suppliers
  • What is your pricing model?

    Ans. Ex-factory prices are offered first, followed by the actual expenses which include applicable additional charges. We charge our commissions depending on the product and services.
  • Why should I trust you to satisfy my quality and preference criteria?

    Ans. We are a firm believer of quality. We source products and manufacturing from certified suppliers only. Further we perform through quality inspection once the order is ready. We also take extra measures of care to make sure that your product reaches you undamaged.