Why Should I opt China for my Procurement?

China is internationally known as the ‘Global Vendor/ Global Supplier’. Since China is exporting goods in big volumes all around the world hence the economies of bulk production gives you a huge variety to select from as well as price benefit. The options available for procurement and huge since they cater every target segment. Unlike public opinion, China has materials which are in better quality then their Indian counterparts.

I am a bit hesitant on buying furniture from China due to quality issues. What should I do?

China caters to inferior quality markets like Africa and Asian countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to superior quality markets such as Middle East, Europe and American markets. Thus you have an option to procure goods according to your quality standards. We take you to factories that make superior quality goods with reasonable pricing.

What documents do I need for Traveling and do you assist with that?

You need a valid Passport, Visa and confirmed return tickets to enter China. Our team assists you with Invitation letters for Visa, Hotel bookings etc.

How much cost should I count for my China trip?

Roughly 1-00-1500 USD or 70,000-1,00,000 INR per person that includes your Tickets, Accommodation, Local Transfers, Visa etc.

I don’t know Chinese, how will I manage my trip?

Our team is expert in Speaking English and Hindi with fluent Chinese and will help you for your communication.

Which all are major places I need to see for successful sourcing trip?

For Furniture– Shunde Furniture market.

For Lighting– Guzhen and Zhongshan Light market.

For Ceramics– Foshan Ceramic city.

For Decoratives– Guangzhou wholesale market.

Rest we take you to respective Industrial zones and factories for your respective sourcing needs.

How much Custom duty will I be charged?

It depends on country to country. For India it is roughly 30%.

How do I pay?

You can pay us through bank transfers in USD or RMB. For India we can collect payments in INR according to laws.

Will I have to do import clearance and formalities?

If you want we can load containers in your Consignee name or If you want hassle free experience we can do Import clearance and arrange Door to Door delivery for you.

Can I customize furniture according to my needs?

Yes, almost every supplier is happy to manufacture according to his sizes or needs.

What is your Pricing models?

We offer Ex Factory price first and then provide you with actual expenses.

I am bit hesitant since I have heard that Chinese products are of poor quality and finish, what should I do?

China offers a wide range of goods at affordable prices due to automation and efficient production system. However, the quality of a product does not depend on the cost but on the qualification of the workmanship. Through the many years of our presence in China, we’ve built relationships with suppliers and manufacturers who possess the know-how of producing goods to match required quality standards.