Hotels & Resorts

We help you create a second home for your guests which is more comfortable, spacious and reflects more art than the first one.


Hospitals are about healing.” We source furniture which is comfortable, and creates a healing energy around.

HNI Residences

“A house with old furniture has no need of ghosts to be haunted.” After all, home is where your story begins. It’s who you are a collection of everything you love.

Corporate Spaces

“You don't just want to sit in a chair. You want to experience it!” Unlike conventional designs that are designed to cater to universal requirements, we source products that are specially created according to your brand and style.

Institutional Furniture

“We help you in finding furniture that brings Nostalgia” Imparting a distinctive appeal to educational surroundings in order to create a confident and creative environment. We source products for all your institutional requirements. The atmosphere we source is designed to inspire and motivate.

Commercial Furniture

“Make a customer, not a sale.We assure to deliver highly durable, uniquely designed furniture that has particularly been intended to provide high functionality while attracting your customers.